Welcome to my web-site. I hope that you will enjoy viewing the paintings.

Landscape and the human relationship to the world around us is the ongoing subject of my work.

My paintings on this site explore the way in which landscape is currently perceived. Very little of the world around us today bears no trace of human presence. In the winter mountain paintings, I question whether we find the invasive nature of manmade structures an eyesore and irrefutable evidence of environmental damage or as simply part off the scene, a counterpoint to awe-inspiring natural scenery. In the urban landscape, structures which are inherently ugly can have strong visual impact and even appear elegant. Nature infringes upon rusting steel structures, suggesting the constant cycle of decay and regeneration.

A recent series of paintings, watercolours and monotype prints are based on a horseback journey through wilderness areas of the Peruvian Andes. In these paintings I have been inspired by the clarity of the light, intensity of colour and dramatic tonal contrasts.

My paintings all derive from photographic source material, the combination of the mechanically produced imagery and the painterly marks is symbolic to me of the relationship between the natural and manmade in the landscape of the 21st Century.

I also make installations and took part in the prestigious 'Climate of Change' exhibition showing an installation about global warming. In 2008 I made a site specific installation in the 'Toilet Gallery' Kingston upon Thames.

All paintings are mixed media on canvas. Works on paper (other than prints) are watercolour and mixed media. All paintings and prints are for sale. For further information and to arrange to see the actual paintings from the website and a wider selection please contact me on -
0208 265 4226 or 07881 826205, email: baxter.glidewell@googlemail.com


The web link will be: pennyglidewellpaintings.co.uk
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